Build Your Future: The Michigan Realtors® Scholarship Trust

Michigan Realtors® is proud to offer scholarship opportunities for those interested in pursuing a career as a real estate professional. Attracting and retaining future members is one of our top priorities. The Michigan Realtors® Scholarship Trust provides scholarships to full-time, college students majoring in finance, marketing, business, law, or other such fields of study applicable to a career in real estate.

If you are a college student seeking a career in the real estate field, you may be eligible to receive up to $3,000 in awards. The application deadline is July 31 for the following academic school year. 

2021 MARST Scholarship Application

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Scholarship Questions:

Call: 800.454.7842


Eligibility Requirements

  • Awards range from $500 to $3,000 and are distributed over two semesters.
  • Must complete and submit applications by July 31st for the following academic year.
  • Must be a resident of Michigan and a full-time student entering your junior or senior year at an accredited university or college; post-graduate applicants are also considered.
  • Must have at least an average grade point of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent of a "C" average.
  • Must be taking courses which are related to the real estate field, such as real estate, business, marketing, finance or law.
  • Must provide a copy of current college transcript
  • Must provide a cover letter, resume and personal or professional reference letter
  • Must exemplify character including demonstrated evidence of good citizenship.
  • Must participate in an interview with a REALTOR® to discuss future aspiration and individual interest in the real estate industry. 
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    Interview template – PDF link for interview examples


What Past Recipients Are Saying

MARST has helped me reach my academic goals by allowing me to attend Michigan State University. I was able to take the classes I needed in order to be successful. I am currently working for the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan, where I work on strategic communications. Our mission is to improve children’s health and wellbeing by eliminating harmful housing conditions. MARST has helped me get where I am today and I am proud of where I am today.
- Abby Rogalke, 2015-2016 recipient

The scholarship allowed me to complete my degree quickly while maintaining a full-time job. No one can take your education away from you. This led me to a very fulfilling career in the real estate industry serving as the Communications & Marketing Director for the Michigan Realtors® since 2008.
- Joe Kras, 2007-2008 recipient



2020/2021 Recipients

Caleb Bangerter
Caleb Bangerter currently attends Grand Valley State University. Studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management, he hopes to one day pursue a career in investment management and property ownership and sales. Mr. Bangerter has demonstrated that he is highly interested in his career choice and wants to work with integrity to best help his clients. He hopes to one day invest in rental and flipped properties, as well.

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Kevin Conder
Kevin Conder of Northville, Michigan currently attends Michigan State University. Studying Finance, he hopes to one day pursue a career in commercial real estate or as a title agent. Mr. Conder has completed the Michigan Salesperson Licensing Course and has held internships with various finance firms in Michigan. Outside of his finance studies, Mr. Conder likes to pursue his many hobbies, including recreational sports, travelling, and film photography.

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Scott Cramton
Scott Cramton currently attends the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Studying Accounting and Finance, he hopes to one day pursue a career in Real Estate Development and Investing. Mr. Cramton became a licensed Realtor® in 2019 and has already started a career as a Realtor® while in school. He has begun to develop relationships with clients and establish himself as a prime Realtor® in his community, all while maintaining his course load with an impressive GPA.

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Christian Fairbanks
Christian Fairbanks currently attends Western Michigan University Cooley School of Law, maintaining his status on the honor roll in each semester. Building on his undergraduate degree in Finance and Real Estate, he hopes to one day pursue a career in Legal Counsel and Real Estate Investing. Mr. Fairbanks came from a Realtor® family and, while he does not currently plan to be a Realtor® himself, it is his hope that after establishing himself in the industry he will be able to contribute to the field that taught him so much.

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Karlyn Kelley
Karlyn Kelley currently attends Michigan State University. Studying Communications with a Spanish minor, she hopes to one day pursue a career as a Real Estate Agent. Ms. Kelley chose her course of study with the intent of being able to help a larger and diverse client base understand the home-buying process. With recent events, Ms. Kelley feels that every person should live somewhere they feel safe and comfortable and it is her hope that she can help people find their dream home.

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Muffideh Samaha
Muffideh Samaha currently attends the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, she hopes to one day pursue a career in residential real estate. Ms. Samaha is an aspiring leader who uses strong communication and critical thinking to focus on progressive processes and operations. When she is not studying or working on schoolwork, Ms. Samaha can be found tutoring friends and younger students and competing on a competitive equestrian team.

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2019/2020 Recipients

Justine Burt 
Attended: University of Michigan

Mac Carron 
Attended: Michigan State University

Christian Fairbanks 
Attended: Western Michigan University Cooley Law School

Jack Vaglia 
Attended: Michigan State University

2018/2019 Recipients

Brendan O'Brien 
Hometown: Kalamazoo
Attended: Michigan State University

Michael Kelley 
Hometown: Kalamazoo
Attended: Michigan State University

Maggie Benjamin 
Hometown: Kalamazoo
Attended: Saint Mary’s College/Notre Dame

Carl Rasmussen 
Hometown: Traverse City
Attended: Michigan State University

2017/2018 Recipients

Dylan Bennett 
Hometown: Huntington Woods
Attended: The University of Michigan

McKenzie Mathewson 
Hometown: Lewiston
Attended: Northern Michigan University

Brendan O’Brien 
Hometown: Kalamazoo
Attended: Michigan State University

Daniel O’Brien 
Hometown: Kalamazoo
Attended: Michigan State University

Jacob VanCuren 
Hometown: Rockford
Attended: Grand Valley State University

Make a Donation

The scholarship program continues to grow. Many local associations and individuals have made a commitment. Trustees hope that they can help even more people reach their goals of becoming Realtors® next year. Call 517.372.8890, to make a tax-deductible donation. You can also make a donation in the memory of a family member or friend.


Trustees oversee and administer two funds: the Russel A. Pointer Fund and the Barney Harkins Scholarship & Educational Fund.

Russel A. Pointer (1897-1971) served the real estate profession for more than forty years. He was an adviser and counselor to both Michigan Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors® real estate education programs. Pointer served as past president of Michigan Realtors® (1950) and the Saginaw Board of Realtors® (1951). He also served as a NAR director and as executive director of the Real Estate Extension Program at the University of Michigan.

The Barney Harkins Fund was established in 1976 through the generosity of Barney Harkins (1893-1986), an active real estate professional in Washtenaw County from 1915 to 1975. He was instrumental in founding the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors® in 1919, served as president five times, served as president of Michigan Realtors® and was one of the first Realtors® to be named “Realtor® Emeritus” by the National Association of Realtors®.


The Real Estate Alumni of Michigan (RAM) Scholarship Fund, founded in 1953, developed a scholarship program in 1955 to promote professionalism in the real estate industry. RAM recognizes extensive participation in real estate education courses offered through the MAR and NAR, institutes, societies and councils, colleges and universities.