Aim High in 2021 at Achieve!

As the premier leadership event of Michigan Realtors®, Achieve provides leaders of every level with the tools needed to be part of the change they want to see in their local associations, offices, and communities. The two-day conference gathers over 200 highly involved Association leaders and public policy advocates.

“Use the tools at your disposal to stay educated on industry trends and engaged in your communities. As a Realtor® you are not just an industry leader – you are a community leader. Aim high!”
– E’toile Libbett, 2021 President, Michigan Realtors®


Connect Space and How to Register for Achieve

One great platform to make accessing Achieve even easier!

Achieve will take place right on the Connect Space platform, the same platform you have been using to register for Michigan Realtors® Events for years!

Visit and log in with the same account you use when registering.

Someone else registered you in a group? No problem! Simply create an account with your email address matching your registration, and your account will automatically link to your registration.

If you have any questions or are having trouble registering for the event; please contact Becky Francoeur at 517-334-5563

Available Sponsorships

Check out all of the new and exciting virtual sponsorship opportunities available at Achieve 2021!

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Speakers & Special Guests

E'toile Libbett

2021 President, Michigan Realtors®, Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors®

Lisa Dietlin

Opening Keynote, Philanthropy Expert & Transformational Change Agent

Bryan Greene

Director of Fair Housing Policy, National Association of Realtors®

Meagan Luce

2020 Michigan RPAC Trustee Chair, Aspire North Realtors®

Adam Paarlberg

2021 Michigan RPAC Trustee Chair, Greater Regional Alliance of Realtors®

Krista Clark

2021 RPAC Major Investor Council Chair, National Association of Realtors®

Rob Campau, Esq.

CEO, Michigan Realtors®

Brad Ward, Esq.

VP of Public Policy & Legal Affairs, Michigan Realtors®

Brian Westrin, Esq.

General Counsel, Michigan Realtors®

Becky Gean, Esq.

Legal Affairs Manager, Michigan Realtors®

Bridget Mary McCormack

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice