As the premier leadership event of Michigan Realtors® , Achieve provides leaders of every level with the tools needed to be part of the change they want to see in their local associations, offices, and communities. The event gathers highly involved Association leaders and public policy advocates from across Michigan. All members are invited to attend Achieve. Achieve is a VIRTUAL event.

This event has ended. Thank you, for attending!

Speakers & Special Guests

Rob Campau, Esq.

CEO, Michigan Realtors®

Becky Gean, Esq.

Director of Legal Education, Michigan Realtors®

Brad Ward, Esq.

Vice President of Public Policy & Legal Affairs, Michigan Realtors®

Brian Westrin, Esq.

General Counsel, Michigan Realtors®

James Iodice

2022 President, Michigan Realtors®, (GMAR)

E'toile Libbett

2021 President, Michigan Realtors®, (GMAR)

Chris Dean

2022 Michigan RPAC Trustees Chair (GLAR)