Fair housing is more than a list of dos and don’ts, rights and penalties, and mandatory continuing education. As stewards of the right to own, use and transfer private property, fair housing protects our livelihood and business as Realtors® and depends on a free, open market that embraces equal opportunity. Fair Housing Makes US Stronger.

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2021 marks the 53rd anniversary of the 1968 landmark Fair Housing Act. Each year, Realtors® recognize the significance of this event and reconfirm our commitment to upholding fair housing law, as well as our commitment to offering equal professional service to all in their search for real property. View Fair Housing Month Resources from the National Association of Realtors® here.

April 2021: Fair Housing Month Resources from NAR

Every April Realtors® commemorate the passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 with events and education that shine a light on housing discrimination and segregation, and a recommitment to expanding equal access to housing. Implicit bias is often a manifestation of muscle memory. A go-with-your-gut unconscious choice, act, or opinion with immeasurable consequences that can, and have impacted generations. Slow down, course correct, and take action. Throughout the year we must remain steadfast in our commitment breaking down biases, holding ourselves accountable, and upholding the letter of the law.

So, refresh your memory, and open your mind with these resources provided by the National Association of Realtors®.

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