Vacation Rentals are Being Threatened in Michigan

Here's Why:

Michigan Realtors® believes that vacation rentals and the strength of the second-home market in Michigan are essential to the health of Michigan’s economy. As we enter the summer months, this fact has never been more pressing.

Michigan has been a vacation and tourism destination for decades. The short-term rental of a fully furnished vacation home has long been a valued option for vacationers in Michigan. It is also a significant property right for those homeowners that choose to open their homes to visitors. Oftentimes, these properties are second homes. As such, these owners pay non-homestead property taxes, contributing to state and local property tax support for both school operating and debt expenses, often with higher taxable values. For many owners, purchasing these homes and maintaining them would not be possible without the ability to rent them for a portion of the year. This property right goes back generations – and this property right is currently under attack. #preservationofpropertyrights


House Bill 4046 would do the following:

  • Ensures that Michigan homeowners can maximize the value of their property through the use of short-term rental arrangements;
  • Provides clarity for and protects a practice that has long been permitted and is essential to the viability of local resort economies;
  • Provides for uniform and fair treatment of residential properties in all residential zones.

This legislation does not prevent local government enforcement. Local governments currently possess the tools – in their nuisance ordinances and housing codes – to protect public safety and address any discourteous behavior – whether from a year-round occupant or a short-term rental.

Michigan resort communities thrive on short-term rentals. Local restaurants, art, book, and gift shops, and other businesses dependent on vacationers are the heart of resort business communities. Further, the right to continue lawful use of property is at the heart of zoning and constitutional protections for property owners, and “local control” should not be a cover for taking those rights away.  

Protect this fundamental property right and support Michigan’s tourism industry. 

Michigan Realtors® encourages you to support HB 4046. 

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